Massages Smíchov

Thai massages in Smíchov

The art of traditional Thain massage has been practiced in essentially the same form for over 1000 years. It’s a part of the eastern healing methods based on the theory of energy flows and their balances. Thai massage gets rid of tiredness, helps with cramps as well as tension and can also stimulate our blood flow. This method will make your muscles, joints and tendons fully flexible. Our massages are by highly trained masseuses from Thailand with years of experience in massage centres and spa centres in Bangkok and all over Thailand.

You can reserve and pay for the massage at the reception or via the phone number: 602 511 810

  • The reserved time is when the massage starts, so please arrive 15 minutes earlier which should leave enough time for you to change or take a shower
  • Massage can be shortened without changing the price (if the time of the massage is not adhered to)
  • We will provide you with everything needed for the massage
  • During the day when your massage is scheduled drink plenty of water. Do not eat at least 2 hours before the massage
  • It’s best to take off any jewellery off during the massage. Think carefully if you need to wear any during the day of your massage. If you have any valuables on your person anyways, check before leaving if you haven’t forgotten them in your locker, in the shower or in the dressing gown. We are not responsible for the things you leave behind.
  • If you are convalescing after a surgery or have heart issues, high blood pressure, joint problems, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer or other serious ailment, please consult your attendance of the massage with your physician first. Inform the receptionist about your possible health issues, not your masseuse. If you won’t inform us about your health issues, we will use methods designed for a healthy person of your age with average physical ability. We cannot bear the responsibility for the possible issues stemming from not informing us about your health issues before the massage.
  • If you are currently ill, reschedule massage to a later time
  • Thai massage is a pressure massage. If the masseuse finds tight places on your body with tension during the massage, she will then focus on them. The goal is not to shy away from painful spots, but to relax them. This results in the regeneration effects of the massage. For these reasons, a god massage might be somewhat painful both during and after the procedure.
  • It’s good to relax after the massage for a bit and drink plenty of liquids to flush out all of the toxins from your body

Price list (Starting prices)

30 min          300 crowns

60 min          600 crowns

90 min          900 crowns


Thai – Traditional Thai massage

45, 60, 90 minutes

  • takes place on a mat
  • You will get the correct clothing from your masseuse, then you change in the massage room

Pressure massage over the clothes which takes places on a ground while lying on a mat. The masseuse puts pressure on the pressure points, stretches your muscles and tendons, relaxes your spine and uses methods from acupressure and yoga.


Aroma – Relaxing full-body massage

60, 90 minutes

  • probíhá na masážním stole
  • jednorázové prádlo dostanete od terapeutky

Aromatherapeutic massage is ideal for relaxing muscles, dealing with mental tension and stress, gaining mental strength and getting rid of tiredness. It is also used for strengthening your immunity, preventing infectious diseases, inflammation and to stimulate blood flow.


Back – Back massage either on a mat or on a massage table

30, 45, 60 minutes

  • 30/45 minute long pressure massage over clothes
  • 60-minute herbal back massage – The masseuse will provide you with trousers, the massage takes place on a massage table

Relax your back thanks to the special combination of massage techniques focused on your nape, shoulders and the lumbar area. The heated herbal packages (only in the 60 minutes variant) deeply affect the areas and along with the camphor-menthol aromatic oils help to relax your muscles. Periodic repeating of this procedure can help with chronic back pain.


Ritual – stimulating warm full-body herbal massage

90 minutes

  • The masseuse will provide you with the disposable underwear
  • The massage takes place on the massage table

A package of Thai herbs heated over steam wonderfully smells, is a joy for the senses and opens up your lungs. The heated packages deeply affect your body, open up pores, warm up the tight muscles and joints as well as relax the tension in your body. After the packages comes an oil massage which revitalizes your mind and harmonizes your bodily feelings.


Foot – acupressure massage of your reflex points on feet – reflexology

30, 45, 60 minutes

  • The masseuse will provide a shirt and trousers
  • The massage takes place on a mat

The masseuse will positively affect the main flows of energy in the inner organs of your body through the reflex points on your feet in the 60 minutes variant. Massage includes relaxing of your back muscles, shoulders, spine and head.